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Split System Air Conditioner Perth

A split system air conditioner consists of two main parts, the condensing heat exchanger which is located externally, and the evaporative heat exchanger. It’s this internal part of the unit that is responsible for keeping you cool, and allowing the cold air to enter the room.

A licensed technician should be able to install one of these systems in less than a day, which is one of the big appeals of this type of system. You should reckon on paying a fairly reasonable $1,000 to $2,000 for a split system air conditioner, and this affordable price is also a big advantage for many purchasers. However, this system isn’t especially effective if you have a larger space to cool; they are at their most efficient when heating or cooling only one room. If you need to heat your entire house or a larger room in your home, a split level a/c unit won’t be your best option, despite the appealing and affordable price tag.

Advantages of a Split Level Air Conditioner

  • Won’t cost you as much as a ducted system to install.
  • Ideal for cooling one room or a smaller house.
  • Extra units can easily be added at a later date, after the initial installation, and they offer more overall flexibility than a ducted unit.

Disadvantages Of a Split System

  • Many homeowners find the internal unit to be unattractive, as well as the external condenser unit.
  • If you are trying to heat or cool a space in your home with interior walls, or a larger room, this type of system may not be the most efficient option.

A split system air conditioner may be ideal for you if you live mostly in just one room of your home, and are trying to keep it cool or you are cooling a smaller home. If you are on a tight budget but still need the temperature lowered in your home, this type of system may be ideal too.