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Ducted Air Conditioning Perth

Ducted air conditioning uses a group of ducts to keep your home cool. This type of system has an inside fan coil unit that is installed in the roof of the home. It is from this central spot that the ducts run into numerous rooms of the home. They can go into as many rooms as needed. A ducted air conditioning system allows you to cool each room individually, which is also known as zoning.

Zoning is easy to accomplish because it can be controlled by the thermostat setting. Each room has a wall thermostat that allows for individual cooling. This makes it simple to cool each room as needed, which is a very valuable feature of ducted air conditioning with zones. Ducted air conditioning is something to consider if you are in the process of renovating your home.

However, since installing ducted air conditioning is rather complicated due to the duct work, choosing a ducted air conditioning system is not a top priority for many established homeowners. In addition, it is usually a very expensive undertaking. Not only is the ducted unit price costly, but so is the labor that is required to install the system.

For the homeowner that just wants to cool or heat a single room, ducted air conditioning might not be suitable for your home. It will increase your monthly power bills if the AC unit doesn’t have zoning functions. In addition, a ducted air conditioning system can cost over ten thousand dollars alone. Although this is one of the most efficient ways to cool or heat a home, it does have both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioning

  • It is a discreet unit that can be installed behind walls or ceilings
  • Cools or heats the whole home, and each room has its own thermostat setting if the air conditioner has zoning features
  • Does the most efficient job of ensuring a balanced temperature through the entire house
  • Capable of zoned temperatures
  • Not as noisy as a split system air conditioner

Disadvantages of Ducted Air Conditioning

  • More expensive than other air conditioning systems
  • Not an option for some homes due to inadequate space
  • The cost to cool one room is the same as cooling the whole house unless the AC unit has zoning features.