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Air Conditioning Perth

Keep comfortably warm in winter and cool in summer with AirCon Bros!

There are many factors which determine the air conditioning system that is ideally suited for your home, as every home is different. The sales and installation experts employed to AirCon Bros, will discuss and advise which is the ideal system for your particular heating and cooling requirements. They offer a complete range of reverse mini cycle mini splits and ducted air conditioning systems for your home.

Split Air Conditioning

Best for:

  • Heating and cooling one area of your home
  • Compact size

The options available in Split Systems are “Cooling Only” or “Reverse Cycle” (heating and cooling). We also offer systems that regulate temperature, ventilation and humidity levels for ultimate comfort, which allows you to obtain ideal conditions throughout the year.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning

Best for:

  • Heating and cooling between 2 to 9 individual rooms
  • Houses with limited space for ducting
  • Ability to individually control room temperatures

Multi-Split air conditioning systems have the capability to heat or cool between 2 to 9 rooms, using only one outdoor unit, and also allows for individual control of the air conditioning in each room. This results in comfort optimisation, while saving on operating costs since it only heats or cools rooms as required.

Multi-Split air conditioning systems are available in cooling only and reverse cycle (heating and cooling) models.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Best for:

  • Complete home heating and cooling
  • Visually less intrusive

Climate controlled comfort is possible throughout your entire home with ducted air conditioning. Installation can be done in a new home or tailored to suit one that already exists. The indoor unit is located inside the ceiling or under the floor, with conditioned air distributed by flexible ducting, through vents located in selected areas throughout the house. The condensing unit is located on the outside of the house.

At AirCon Bros we offer a complete range of MEPS compliant systems, and adhere to the Minimum Energy Performance Standards stipulated by government.